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 for You will get your own Affiliate Link and Receive 20% Commission & 80% for Hosting your own Mixtapes.

How DJ's Benefit from Signing Up for

Here are a few ways DJs could benefit from signing up as an Executive DJ for

Increased exposure and promotion. As an Executive DJ, their mixtapes would be promoted across the platform and social media channels, potentially reaching a much larger audience than doing it alone.

Revenue sharing opportunities. By hosting their own mixtapes on the site and earning 20% commission and 80% Revenue for Hosting Mixtapes. It provides a new stream of passive income over time as the mixtapes continue to be discovered. 

Creative control. Executive DJs have full control over the mixtapes they host on the site. They can select the tracks, design the cover art, write the liner notes, etc. without any input from MixtapeSubmit. 

Distribution. Once uploaded, the mixtapes are distributed digitally worldwide giving them a global potential audience rather than just local/regional. People anywhere can discover and download them.

Metrics and analytics. Executive DJs have access to detailed analytics showing how many downloads/listens their mixtapes receive which can help inform future projects. 

Community. It connects DJs to a larger global mixtape community where they can collaborate with others, get feedback, and gain tips/ideas from more experienced DJs also using the platform.

The revenue sharing opportunity plus increased promotion, distribution and creative control can help growing DJs take their mixtape projects to the next level and potentially earn some income through the process.

DJ Promoter


Sign Up FREE to Host 1 Mixtape per Year.

  • For Nerve DJ's Only (Requirement)
  • 20% Commission.
  • 50% Revenue for Hosting 1 Mixtape.
  • Get your own DJ Promoter's Affiliate Link.

Executive DJ

Sign up to Host 1-20 Mixtapes per Year.
  • For Nerve DJ's Only (Requirement)
  • One-Time Payment
  • 20% Commission
  • 20% Revenue
  • 80% for Hosting Mixtapes
  • 50% for DJ Collaborations
  • Get your own Executive DJ Affiliate Link.
  • Certificate of Executive Disc Jockey (Included)

Certificate of Executive Disc Jockey