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How to Submit your music?

MIxtape Submissions

Why is it important to submit your music to a Mixape DJ?

Here are a few reasons why it's important for artists to submit their music to DJs for mixtapes and promotions:

Exposure and new audiences. Getting music played on DJ mixes and mixtapes is a great way to get it heard by new potential fans. DJs have large followings and connections in the music scene, so their support can help expose an artist to a wider audience.

Credibility boost. Having a DJ endorse an artist's music lends credibility and helps shows they are making music that DJs actually want to play out. This can help the artist gain respect and stand out from other independent artists.

Feedback. DJs may provide feedback on songs that could help artists improve or identify what styles and songs work best for the dancefloor. This feedback can help guide an artist's future music productions.

Playlisting opportunities. DJs who like an artist's music may be more inclined to add their songs to official playlists, further boosting the music's reach and potential for new listeners and fans to discover it. 

Inspiration. Artists may be inspired by hearing how DJs remix or mashup their music. This could lead to new creative directions or opportunities for official remix packages.

As artists continue to get music in front of DJs through mixtape submissions. It is a very effective way for independent and emerging artists to gain exposure, credibility, and useful feedback as they work to build their audience and career. The DJ community can be an invaluable promotional resource.

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